Our new Series GARAGE FILES all about garage rock

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We just released our latest youtube series GARAGE FILES! Every episode we take one nominal band from the annals of garage rock history- breaking down their story, their sound, and their impact.  May is taking us throug history with only the passion that  a musician can. Watch on our youtube channel now!


We’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons on GARAGE QUEST!

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No game has been so loved by the garage rock community at large than the classic tabletop rpg game Dungeons & Dragons! Well Rusty and May are getting together every Friday to talk about it! If you love D&D or have ever been curious about what makes it tick, this is the show for you.



Monster Love on the Prowl

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Got monster fever? So do we. Ghosts, ghouls, and ghastly creatures are our latest obsession, and we’ve got a whole bunch of neo-retro monster prints by May McDonough in our shop. Get ’em for you house, your friends, your pet snake, and your weird neighbor. Nothing makes a monster classy like a 60s hair-do.



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We are so incredibly excited to announce that we have collaborated with psych-punk masterminds WHITE MYSTERY to release an incredible album: White Mystery “UNWRAPPED” Best of Volume 2! This limited edition cassette-only release is filled with White Mystery favorites, unheard b-sides, and soundbites for your audiofile pleasure!  Official release date is November 22nd 2016, but you can pre-order now in our store!




Our tribute to the Starman!

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We just released our first compilation album, SPIDERS FROM MARS!!! A Tribute To David Bowie!

Featuring 18 spoon-bending mind-blowing face-smashing psychedelic & garage artists from around the globe covering the one and only David Bowie!  Get it now on neon green cassette & digital in our shop at http://thepsychedeliccherry.bandcamp.com !